Social Responsability

World Pact

The Consorci Sanitari Integral is a member of the United Nations Global Compact, an initiative that aims to achieve a voluntary commitment from entities in social responsibility, through the implementation of 10 principles based on human, labor, environmental and anti-corruption rights. In the Notice of Commitment (COE) the most outstanding actions carried out by the entity to integrate the principles of the Pact into its strategy, culture and daily practices are collected. The Consortium is committed to continuing to support and implement these principles within the framework of its sphere of influence.

Teaming CSI

It consists of the voluntary contribution of one euro per month from the payroll (may be more) of the professionals who participate. This contribution is allocated to the charity projects chosen by the participants. Teaming was born in 2009 as a result of an initiative by the same professionals of the Consorci Sanitari Integral. These are the projects to which donations have been allocated since the beginning of Teaming CSI.

2024 - Camps for everyone, by Fundació Catalana Guimbarda, and More reinforcement, more opportunity, by Joan Salvador Gavina

2023 - Forest fire prevention and eye health

Prevention of forest fires, of the Association Forest Horses of Baix Llobregat-Penedès, and Ophthalmological Health, ofEnameled.

2022 - Support for childhood cancer research and Sanitary improvement of waste water treatment

Support for childhood cancer research, from the Sant Joan de Déu Research Foundation, and Sanitary improvement of wastewater treatment in Vietnam, from the Montblanc Foundation.

2021 - Learning to learn
2020 - Support childhood cancer and dermatological health in Malawi

Support for childhood cancer research, from Candela Bracelets, i Improving dermatological health in Malawi, from Emalaikat. 

2019 - Oasis and Its future our dream

Oasis, space for the empowerment of LGBT teenagers, by Candela Community and feminist action, i Your future, our dream - Education and integration program for children and young people in Barcelona's old town, from the Catalan Comtal Private Foundation. 

2018 - OASIS and Discovering Our Worlds

OASIS, camps for LGBT teenagers, by Candela Community and Feminist Action SCCL, and Discovering our worlds, developing the emotional and mental health of socially vulnerable children and young people, from the Joan Salvador Gavina Foundation.

2017 - We rewrite future and Minors in Gambo

We rewrite the future through Tria, from the Catalan Private Foundation Comtal i Improving the health of minors in the Gambo region through training in a primary care network, from the Joy Without Borders Association.

2016 - Assistance and support project for basic needs and 600 cataracts

Assistance and support project for basic needs, from the Joan Salvador Gavina Foundation, and Performance of 600 cataracts by an OMA-cataract surgeon at Clínica St. Louise, from Proyecto Vision.

2015: Projects in Ethiopia and Mali

Project for the equipment of the new maternity ward at Woldya Hospital in Ethiopia, from the IPI Cooperation Foundation, and project by eradicating avoidable blindness and improving visual health in Mali, from the Ulls del Món Foundation.

2014 - Prevention of female mutilation

Prevention of female mutilation, from the Wassu-UAB Foundation, and Mosquito net for a dream, from the Amal Esperança Association of solidarity with the Sahrawi people. 

2013 - Housing initiative

Initiative Houses, care for the homeless of the Arrels Foundation, and the project of Ludolibrary, from SILO. 

2012 - Health Centers

Center de Hello in Ndiaouene (in Senegal), by Conductors Solidaris de Catalunya, and Project NICE, managed by women's community in India, of the Es Purna Association.

2011 - Pediatric Nutrition and Rehabilitation Program

Program of nutrition of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation and Program of pediatric rehabilitation, from the Foundation Dr. trout

2010 - Creation of a nutritional center in Gambasse

Creation of a nutritional center in Gambasse (Guinea Bissau), with SILO.

Natural environment

The Consorci Sanitari Integral has established an Environmental Commission with the objectives of ensuring good waste management within the centers; develop, update and disseminate environmental measures; prioritize improvement alternatives and define indicators to be able to monitor the environmental impact of the institution's activity.