How do we do it?

The Consorci Sanitari Integral works according to a quality policy that is defined in the mission (our reason for being), the vision (where we want to get to) and the values that should guide us in our daily actions.

This strategic framework defines the criteria for action in order to continuously improve in all areas of activity (management, assistance, human resources...) and highlights the Entity's commitment to meet the requirements of our customers as well as the applicable laws and regulations.

  • Mission

    To be a health and social organization that offers quality assistance and accompanies people throughout their lives, so that they are as independent as possible.

  • Vision

    We want to be a socially responsible organization, a benchmark in humanization and innovation.

    We want to respond to the new health and social needs of citizens.

    We want to promote the development of professionals and the pride of belonging.

  • Corporate values

    • Professional quality
    • Team
    • Compromís
    • Desenvolupament

"With you for your health"