Strategic plan

Our strategic plan sets out the path we want to take to move towards our vision.
The current plan, 2020-2022, has 4 Axes and 16 lines of work:

  • Axis 1

    Promote an active and healthy population, stimulating lifestyles and habits that favor it, and encouraging the empowerment of people towards their health.

    • Healthy lifestyle
    • Patient empowerment
    • Citizen experience
  • Axis 2

    Achieving being an attractive organization for our professionals who work there, working on both the leadership style and the organizational model, promoting their recognition and achieving pride of membership.

    • Leadership style
    • Organizational model
    • Recognition
    • Pride of belonging and brand
  • Axis 3

    Generate culture and structures in order to be benchmarks in Innovation, Teaching, Research and Simulation

    • Innovation
    • Teaching
    • Research
    • Simulation
  • Axis 4

    Manage resources in order to achieve internal sustainability (management of economic resources, achieving future infrastructure projects, increased efficiency, management of workforce needs) and external sustainability (achieving the internal objectives of sustainable development).

    • Economic sustainability
    • Future projects
    • Eliminate what does not add value
    • Stabilization of the workforce and integration of the preventive policy.
    • sustainable development (SDGs)

2021 results of the Strategic Plan

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