Strategic plan

Our strategic plan sets out the path we want to take to move towards our vision.
The current plan, 2024-2026, has 7 Axes and 13 lines of work:

  • Axis 1. Agile, efficient and results-oriented CSI

    Achieving a results-oriented organization in health, with the adequacy of current resources through an agile organization.

    • Health outcomes
    • Adequacy of resources
    • Agile organization
  • Axis 2. Comprehensive and integrated care

    Promote integrated and comprehensive attention focused on the person in all our centers, guaranteeing continuity of care between levels of care and processes.

    • Attention focused on the person
    • Continuity of care
  • Axis 3. Citizen experience

    Improve the citizen's experience, through a greater integration of the user in our dynamics and by adapting the spaces to provide the best possible assistance.

    • Citizen participation
    • Humanization of spaces
  • Axis 4. Experience of the professional

    Improve the climate and working conditions, and improve the visibility of the CSI brand by developing new tools and generating a culture of external communication.

    • Improvement of the climate, stabilization and leadership of professionals
    • Visibility of the CSI brand
  • Axis 5. Economic sustainability

    Implement actions to achieve economic sustainability and sustainable growth of the CSI.

    • Sustainable growth
  • Axis 6. Social and corporate responsibility

    Systematize in the CSI the integration of corporate social responsibility and care for the environment, implementing improvement actions and working on awareness both internally and externally.

    • Integrate CSR into the CSI
    • Care of the environment
  • Axis 7. Research

    To provide resources and dynamics for the potential of high-level scientific activity.

    • Promote competitive clinical and epidemiological research

Monitoring the results of the 2024 strategic plan

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