Quality management

In the Consorci Sanitari Integral we have applied Lean Healthcare since 2008, through the use of tools that are part of our management model. We are one of the first public health organizations in the State to apply the Lean methodology and we were the first organization to apply this methodology to all processes. This pioneering character has been recognized and we have been a reference for other organizations.

What is the Lean Healthcare system?

It is an organizational system focused on improving efficiency within the healthcare environment. It is based on systematizing the elimination of what does not add value, with the aim of increasing the time we spend adding value to the patient.

Of all the Lean tools we use, there are two that particularly stand out at Consorci Sanitari Integral because of the high level of implementation and because they allow us to spread the culture of adding value to the patient: the 5S methodology and the Kaizen methodology.

5S methodology

This method helps us systematize the functional order of care spaces to improve the safety of processes and the efficiency of activities.

To make this possible, small audits are carried out where professionals analyze the need to standardize the order of their spaces and work teams. Among the milestones achieved in our organization, we can highlight:

  • More than 10.000 improvement actions implemented, derived from audits
  • More than 1.000 professionals have participated in the execution of the 5S (participating in
    audits or involved in the execution of improvement actions).


Kaizen methodology

With the Kaizen tool we execute improvement projects that usually affect different care areas.

The working philosophy of the tool is based on:

  • Apply small changes that improve the starting situation.
  • No need for large investments.
  • With the participation of professionals who work on a daily basis.
  • With the quick execution of actions.

This tool is of continuous application. In more than 50 Kaizen carried out since 2008, these are some examples of improvement achieved:

  • Improvement in the efficiency of activities until the start of treatment in patients with stroke code (needle time), in which it has gone from 48 minutes to below 30 minutes (data maintained in last years).
  • Improvement of the coordination and management of the discharge of the patients of the Internal Medicine Service, where a reduction of the average stay of the patients in the plant has been achieved from 14 days to 11 days.
  • Improvement of the medication management circuit in hospitalization units with a 75% reduction in incidences.
  • Reduction of 40% of the material stored in peripheral warehouses in services such as Rehabilitation, hospitalization units or primary care centers, due to the reduction of stock and the improvement of the use of spaces.
  • Saving of 34% of the distance that the physiotherapist walks in the room, due to the organizational improvement of the spaces.
  • Improvement in the perception of Rober service satisfaction from 20% to 88%, with the improvement of clothing management and the reduction of incidents.
Recognitions and conferences

Our management with the Lean Healthcare methodology has been publicly recognized through awards and we have also been benchmarks for other institutions. Here are some examples:

Award to the Lean Healthcare project for innovation in care quality by the National Health System. 2009 edition

II Lean Healthcare Conference in Spain, organized by the Consorci Sanitari Integral and held on September 20, 2012. It brought together experts in the application of the method in healthcare to share experiences and present the improvements and innovations achieved.

Lean Community conference held in May 2017.