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Welcome family – El Prat de Llobregat

22of September

  • 22/09/2022

CAP Ramona Via. El Prat de Llobregat. From 12 to 13.30pm

This is an informative session to explain our model of care and support that we offer to the pregnant woman in the stages ofpregnancy, Part and the birth of the baby at the Hospital General de l'Hospitalet.

This session aims to promote the participation of women and their companions throughout the process. We provide the information they need to guarantee confidence in our model of care and in the professionals who will attend to them during their hospital stay.

The session is open and takes place at the ASSIR of CAP Ramona Via del Prat de Llobregat. No prior registration is required.

In 2022, the session will be held on Thursday, September 22 and the following Fridays:

– October 21

– November 18

– December 16