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Talk ?Prevention of accidents in elderly drivers and pedestrians?

27of April

  • 27/04/2018

Next May 2 at 16.15:60 p.m., the Collblanc Companys Socials Residence together with the Spanish Association of Psychiatry are organizing a talk for people over XNUMX with the title "Accident prevention in elderly drivers and pedestrians".

The aim of the activity is to make known the factors or causes involved in a traffic accident as a driver and as a pedestrian. Also recognize the physical and psychological changes that occur with age and what influence they have on road safety. On the other hand, prevention and security measures will also be discussed to compensate for these changes and highlight the importance of changing attitude and behavior to act in a more responsible way with oneself and with the rest. 

The talk, led by psychologist Araceli García and social worker Sabrina Asensio, will last an hour and a half. There will be a space where participants can share their experiences and doubts.

Access is free and open. Attendance must be confirmed by phone: 93 554 39 71.