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Regulations for visits to the Consortium's centers

The measures to limit access are taken in an extraordinary way as prevention in order to avoid the risk of community transmission in the face of COVID-19 and in order to protect patients, visitors and professionals.

  • If you have symptoms associated with COVID-19 (headache, pain when swallowing food, persistent cough, fever, stomach upset, tiredness/weakness or loss of taste and smell) or in case of contact or suspected contact with a sick COVID-19, contact your primary care center or call 061. You must refrain from going to the centers in these situations, except in cases of vital urgency.
  • We appreciate the understanding and collaboration of our users, given the necessary measures in the current circumstances.
  • Regarding companions and visits, in general, and except for the restrictions set by each area:
    • The admitted person can only be accompanied by 1 person. It is recommended that it is always the same and that it is vaccinated with the full regimen of COVID-19.
    • Food consumption is only allowed in the cafeteria.
    • It is necessary to wear a surgical mask and perform hand hygiene when arriving at and leaving the hospital.
    • During the visit, you must stay in the admitted person's room or cubicle. You must avoid passing through the common rooms and corridors. It is also necessary to avoid contact with the admitted person (hugs, kisses...).



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