The Health Social Work assesses the psychosocial needs of people treated for health reasons in primary care centers and specialized care (acute and socio-health hospitals or intermediate care) of the Consorci Sanitari Integral.

This service carries out the social health study and the social health diagnosis to develop an individualized intervention plan for each person, family or group.

This plan is prepared together with the other professionals of the care team (medicine, nursing and other professionals) and, if necessary, with the services of the territory.

The Social Work Service also participates in the promotion and prevention of the health of the population served.


Areas of Social Work intervention

  • Women and maternal and child care
  • Chronicity
  • Fragility
  • Advanced illness and/or end-of-life situation
  • Sexist violence or any other type of abuse
  • Mental health
  • Addictive behaviors
  • Acute illness with significant functional or cognitive impairment
  • Complex surgical procedures without support at discharge
  • Situations of social vulnerability
  • Situations of social emergency or social emergency


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