Pregnancy and Birth


The entire area is located on the second floor of the main building of Hospital General de l'Hospitalet.

This space allows you to work with one high quality care without the need to transfer the mother and the baby to different levels of the centre. 

Our goal is for both mother and baby to receive comprehensive quality care, with safety and humane treatment throughout his stay in the hospital.

  • Maternal and Fetal Medicine Unit

    Obstetrics Outpatient Consultations, which is where the obstetrician and midwife carry out ultrasounds and pregnancy control visits.

  • Parts Room

    It includes gynecology and obstetrics emergencies, delivery rooms and operating rooms for high-risk deliveries and cesarean sections.

  • Neonatal Unit

    Allows intermediate level care for the baby. Within this unit, we have the breastfeeding room, which is a space for education, monitoring and support of breastfeeding and allows the storage of breast milk, with technical and professional assistance.

  • Puerperium unit

    It has 13 individual rooms, where mother and baby stay without complications after delivery until they are discharged. Within this unit, there is the Intermediate Obstetric Care Unit, which is intended for those women who need more comprehensive care after childbirth.

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