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Residència Collblanc

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How to sign up for the residential service or the day center service of the Consorci Sanitari Integral residences?

To sign up for the access list, both for the residential service and the day center service, it is necessary to have the resolution of the degree of dependency of the person who wants to access it. For the residential service, it is essential to have recognized degree II or III dependency. To access the day center, grade I, II or III. 

To request enrollment in the waiting list, it is necessary to go to the residence to which you want to access to bring the documentation with the degree of resolution.  

If you cannot come in person, you can contact us by phone and the social worker will inform you of how to process it.  

Both for the day center and for the residence, registration on the waiting list can be requested in up to three resources at the most. Once included, the person will remain on the list until a vacancy remains. 

When will you be notified to fill the position?

This will depend on the free places left in the centre. Places are allocated in strict order of registration.  

When the registered person is in the group of the first five on the waiting list, the residence will make initial contact with them and their family. This is a pre-reception. At this time visits can be made to get to know the center. If you want to visit the facilities in person, you must make an appointment with the social worker. 


What type of space is there in the residences of the Consortium?

All places are public, managed by the Generalitat de Catalunya. 

I have questions about the residences, how can I resolve them? 

The social worker will take care of solving it and give you all the information you need. For this, you will need to arrange a prior appointment with her, by calling the phone: 

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