Induced birth

Induced labor is a medical indication to terminate a pregnancy. It consists of administering a medication that induces labor.

The midwife or obstetrician will inform you in advance of the reasons for carrying out the termination of the pregnancy in this way and what it consists of. You will be required to sign an informed consent prior to the procedure.

Remember that:

  • You must arrive on time at the indicated time.
  • You must follow the instructions given to you before the scheduled day: you will need to go through the Emergency Department (ground floor), with your health card and ID to enter the hospital. There they will give you the documentation to take to the delivery room (2nd floor).
  • In the delivery room, you must access it without jewelery or make-up, and with the pregnancy documentation (maternity card, analyzes and consents and identification documentation such as DNI or NIE...).
  • You can have breakfast or lunch, if applicable.