The CSI Innovation Area's mission is to facilitate and promote innovative ideas with the aim of improving the patient experience and the health of the population in the most sustainable way possible.



Health Manager
Digital and Innovation

Jorge Roman Verdasco

Innovation Referent
and 3D Printing


  • eCare





    Marta Cárdenas


    The Consorci Sanitari Integral is one of the seven partners from different countries (Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain) that give life to the eCare project, financed by the European Union through the Marc Horitzó 2020 Program and designed to prevent frailty in the elderly .

Networks to which we are affiliated


    Network of hospital, socio-sanitary and medico-sanitary centers in Catalonia and Spain that promotes and promotes R+D+I, the protection and transfer of derived results, through cooperation between member centers, and with institutions and companies dedicated to health sector


    The Platform for Revitalization and Innovation of the National Health System's industrial capacities and their effective transfer to the productive sector (ITEMAS) is one of the platforms of the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII) as support for R&D +ia Biomedicine and Health Sciences.


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    Tuesday, March 05, 2024

    eCARE: Information sessions on knowledge and skills in digital health for the elderly