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Update: information for pregnant women

  • Monday, March 23, 2020

Temporary measures due to Covid-19

Pregnant women who have the expected part in the Hospital General de l'Hospitalet will be referred to the headquarters of the Hospital Clínic Maternity, in calle Sabino Arana n. 1, to give birth.

At the Hospital General de l'Hospitalet they will continue to do pregnancy control visits (ultrasounds and visits with the midwife), but instead of being done on the 2nd floor of the Hospital, they will be done at ground floor external consultations, with access via Calle Solanich and Riera (See map).

The center's team of health professionals will contact each patient to give them all the information.

All these measures are taken from tense formthe cause of the care reorganization of the center resulting from the pandemic due to the Covid-19 coronavirus in order to always give the best care to the woman and her baby. All measures are coordinated with other health centers and following the guidelines of the health authorities.