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Press release on the cyberattack on health centers

  • Tuesday, October 11, 2022

The health centers (primary care, socio-health care and hospitals) of the Integral Health Consortium (CSI) have recovered a large part of the information systems that were compromised following the ransomware cyberattack that occurred in the morning from Thursday to Friday.

The deployment of a security plan 2 years ago by the Cybersecurity Agency of Catalonia together with the Department of Health has made it possible to contain the scope of the incident and maintain the assistance activity in the affected areas. This is, for example, the establishment of a contingency plan which, with some exceptions, has made it possible to maintain health care; of copy services in the cloud that allows information to be restored; or of measures to limit access to the systems and movement within them.

For its part, the CSI is actively working to restore services and as part of the contingency plan, the CTTI has already installed software provided by the Agency on 3.000 computers of the Consortium to avoid a new incident, practically all regularizers; and has also facilitated new devices intended to guarantee the assistance service in the Primary Care Centers.

In addition to the tasks to recover full activity, the investigation to clarify the facts is still underway and the bodies involved have already been notified.

In each incident, the situation is analyzed and improvement actions are identified; in this sense, the Catalan Cybersecurity Agency's protection plans agreed with Health will continue to be deployed, and in some cases will be advanced.

Salut would like to thank the great effort of the professionals of the Agency and the Department and all the health personnel who have responded quickly, excellently and efficiently to this situation. Thanks to their involvement, they have continued to provide assistance while the incident was resolved.

(updated 10/10/2022)