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Ophthalmology, 14th accredited Teaching Unit

  • Sant Joan Despí Hospital - Hospitalet General Hospital
  • Friday, January 19, 2024

The Ophthalmology team pictured at Hospital General de l'Hospitalet

Thus, we now have 11 accredited specialties in medicine and 3 in nursing

The Ophthalmology Service of the Moisès Broggi University Hospital Complex has been accredited by the Ministry of Health as a Specialized Health Training Teaching Unit.

Teaching accreditation is a long and difficult process and thanks to the quality and effort of the entire service and its Head of Service, Carlos Barnés, this has been possible.

According to the Head of Studies, Gemma Férriz: "the training of new specialists (residents) is strategic for the Consortium in its growth and positioning in the Catalan healthcare network. In the next MIR call, we hope to be able to offer the first Ophthalmology Resident Internal Medicine (MIR) position at the Integral Health Consortium".

On the other hand, Carlos Barnés states that "teaching, active care (87.390 visits per year, 7.903 surgeries, 92.662 tests and 7431 intravitreal injections) and research they will be the foundations for providing the best assistance to our patients. A significant step in our commitment to excellence in eye health!".

Ophthalmology is added to the 13 specialties previously accredited: 10 medicine and 3 nursing.

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