Physiological birth with the least interventionism possible

Our care model for normal delivery of physiological assistance is based on the new Protocol of Care and Support for Birth in Catalonia (2020), which follows the recommendations of the WHO and other international entities that work with the scientific evidence


This model of humanized care aims to respect the woman's decisions, put her at the center of our support throughout the birth process, guarantee the protection of her health and that of her baby and guarantee, as much as if possible, NO medical treatment at birth.

We want women to have a positive experience and feel empowered. We see childbirth as one of the life experiences with a physiological and emotional transformation that will have a direct impact on them and their environment.

We provide a space where your wishes, expressed in the Birth Plan, are respected, a care model that preserves the dignity, privacy and confidentiality of pregnant women and babies.

This is why, to achieve this desired part, we will help you with specific furniture to promote mobility: stools, obstetric stool, multitrac (double obstetric stool that allows the companion to sit behind the woman to provide support), ball de Bobath, peanut ball, rocking chair, and also non-pharmacological methods such as aromatherapy to control pain.

We also have nitrous oxide and oxygen gas (Entonox), an inhalation analgesia with a calming and relaxing effect, used for many years in countries such as the United Kingdom in Birth Centers and even in home deliveries It is a non-invasive analgesia that allows the woman's mobility, with excellent safety results for both mothers and babies.