Pain control

NON-pharmacological methods

During dilation and whenever possible, we recommend that the woman moves and chooses positions that favor gravity and, therefore, the descent of the fetus, with the help of the Bobath ball, obstetric stool, rocker and mattress. Hot showers, local heat with seed bags, massages, aromatherapy and sterile water injections can be applied to the Rhombus of Michaelis. These are all methods that the midwife will help you apply to ease the pain.

Pharmacological methods

  • Epidural analgesia: it is a technique that involves inserting a catheter into the back, through which a medication will be passed that will help reduce pain throughout the birth process. This catheter is connected to an infusion pump. It is important to sign an informed consent before applying the technique by the anesthesiologist, who will also inform you beforehand about the procedure.
  • Nitrous oxide (Entonox): is an inhalation analgesia that consists of the administration of a gas mixture of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen. It provides rapid pain relief, and induces the patient into a state of conscious sedation. No need to sign informed consent. The midwife will be the one to help and accompany you to use this method.