Breastfeeding and Lactabé support group

If the woman's choice, once the birth occurs, is to breastfeed the baby, she will receive all the support she needs from the midwives and nurses, both in the Delivery Room and the Puerperium Unit from Hospital General de l'Hospitalet, before going home and then once you are home.

At our center we understand that breastfeeding is the best option for the baby, as it provides the exact nutrients it needs at every moment, with the correct amount and temperature and easy digestion. It also has benefits, both for the baby and for the mother according to scientific evidence. For the baby: protects against infections, prevents allergies and respiratory diseases, reduces the risk of chronic diseases (such as diabetes, obesity, celiac disease or hypertension). For the mother: reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, obesity and helps with weight loss. In addition, it establishes a unique bond with the baby.

This is why our support, for women who have given birth at Hospital General de l'Hospitalet, goes beyond the hospital stay:

  • We have a breastfeeding support group called Lactabé: is a group led by nurses, assistants and midwives committed to offering the best help to make breastfeeding a success once the woman is at home. It meets every Tuesday from 16 to 18 p.m. at the Hospital General de l'Hospitalet. This service is completely free and to sign up you just need to call the reference nurse of the Puerperium Unit or call the telephone: 93 44 075 00, extension 3243 or 3244.
  • We have 24-hour advice by phone, in case there are doubts or the woman needs more information. In this case, a nurse from the Neonatal Unit will answer the call and, in addition to providing breastfeeding support, will answer questions about the care of the baby.