These three areas follow the following scheme:


  • The support for scientific activity on the part of the Service is specified in the following functions:

    • Methodological advice in the design of research projects.
    • Calculation of sample size.
    • Database design.
    • Statistical analysis of data.
    • Advice on the interpretation of results.
    • Advice on the editing and presentation of scientific articles and communications at congresses.
    • Support in the submission of aid requests, in their monitoring and in the control of the funds granted. Support in sending the reports of ongoing projects.
    • Training in research methodology.
    • Information on scholarships and grants for health research.
    • Registration of scientific publications.
  • The support for the evaluation of research projects by the Service is specified in the following functions:

    • Identification, compilation and review of the necessary documentation to submit a project to the Bellvitge CEIm.
    • Processing of the evaluation request and correspondence with the CEIm.
    • Processing of the necessary internal permits (suitability of the facilities, conformity of the Center Management).
    • Up-to-date maintenance of the register of evaluated research projects.
    • Information to the researcher of the reports issued by the CEIm.
  • Support for the management of research funds by the Service is specified in the following functions:

    • Management of research contracts in favorably evaluated projects.
    • Management of financial contributions or external donations.
    • Management for the withdrawal of research funds in different concepts (purchase of material, payment of services, etc.).
    • Management for the recruitment of research support staff based on previously paid funds.