Hospital Pharmacy

About the Observatory

The Pharmacy Service is a general clinical service whose main objective is the safe use of medicines with maximum excellence. It acts as a support service for the care activity. It deals with covering the drug-therapeutic needs of the population through the selection, acquisition, preparation, control, dispensing and information of medicines so that they are used appropriately, based on derived safety, effectiveness and efficiency criteria of scientific evidence. It shares, with the rest of the clinical services, the challenge of achieving the continuity of treatments at the different levels of care.

  • Update date: 19/10/2023

Head of Service

  • Maria Teresa Barrera Puigdollers


    Head of Service

  • Javier Gonzalez Good


    specialist doctor

Pharmacy technicians
  • Eliana Cuellar Roca

    di pharmacy

    pharmacy technician

In this section appear the professionals of the Integral Health Consortium who have authorized the display of their personal data.

  • Update date: 19/10/2023

Units and benefits

Logistics management: Warehouse
  • Acquisition management
  • Management of storage and conservation
  • Management of medication dispensing to inpatients and outpatients
Clinical management: Laboratory
  • Elaboration of master formulas
  • Medication conditioning
Clinical management: Pharmaceutical care
  • Active participation in Clinical Commissions and other working groups.
  • Monitoring the objectives of the Health Plan.
  • Review of the patients' Therapeutic Plan in collaboration with the rest of the healthcare professionals, to guarantee the maximum effectiveness and safety of the treatments.
Clinical management: Pharmacovigilance
  • Notification of adverse drug reactions
  • Collaboration in the prevention of medication errors and in the promotion of safety culture.
  • Update date: 19/10/2023


  • Promote studies on the use of medicines in clinical practice.
  • Promote studies related to assistance (Person Centered Prescription in collaboration with Geriatrics)
  • Participation in other lines of research within the organization
  • Management of clinical trial medication.
  • Update date: 19/10/2023


  • Teaching 5th year students of the Pharmacy degree (supervised internships).
  • Teaching to students of the intermediate qualification of pharmacy and para-pharmacy technicians (supervised internships).
  • Collaboration in the training of health personnel in the use of medicines.
  • Other teaching collaborations
  • Update date: 19/10/2023