About the Observatory

The Territorial Acute Geriatrics Unit (UGA) is dedicated to providing specialized medical care to elderly patients with multiple pathologies. It is a Hospitalization plant located on the 3rd floor of the Dos De Maig Hospital and has 29 beds.

The unit tries to respond to the needs arising from the progressive aging of the population. This means that a multidisciplinary approach to these patients is increasingly necessary. The UGA provides medical coverage when it comes to diagnosing and treating illnesses or alleviating their symptoms if necessary. It also works to prevent complications that may appear during admission. It should be known that the manifestations of common diseases have different expressions in multipathological elderly patients (Delirium, Falls, Immobility, Constipation) compared to younger patients.

The UGA has doctors trained in the specialties of Internal Medicine or Geriatrics. This feature allows a global view of the person, and their illness taking into account also their environment.

This unit not only has specialized medical care, but this multidisciplinary approach mentioned above has professionals from various specialties and/or expert services in the management of the elderly patient. Among them stand out:

  • Nursing and Nursing Assistant Care Techniques (TCAIS)
  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Dietetics and nutrition
  • Social work
  • Rehabilitation Service

This multidisciplinary team uses the differential tool of Geriatrics which is the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (VGI). Which consists of a multidimensional assessment of the person:

  • Extended organic assessment (sense organs, dentition, nutrition) by nurses and doctors
  • Cognitive and emotional assessment
  • Functional Assessment
  • Assessment of family and social support

The team holds multidisciplinary sessions where patients are assessed individually and the most appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic decisions are made for the patient and their family.

In addition, the unit, for a better service to the patient and his environment, has continuous care by the usual doctors from 8 a.m. to 20 p.m. on weekdays and from 8 a.m. to 15 p.m. on holidays, with the rest of the schedule covered for the doctor on duty at the Hospital dos de Maig (DAMI).

Currently, the pillars of healthcare are, in addition to healthcare itself, teaching and research.

  • In the teaching field, the unit responds to the training needs of Residents in the different specialties (Internal Medicine, Family and Community Medicine and Geriatrics). In addition, it is also responsible for the training of future professionals by having students from Degrees in Medicine, 'Nursing, Physiotherapy, Social Work and Pharmacy.
  • In the scientific field, the UGA also wants to be a leader in innovating and researching the possible options for improvement in the care of elderly and very ill patients.
  • Date of update 19/01/2023

Units and benefits

  • Acute Geriatric Hospitalization Unit (UGA)


  • First or subsequent consultation with the ESIC (Comprehensive Complexity Support Team)


  • Post-discharge control visit consultation of Hospitalization at the ESIC


  • Interconsultations of other specialties, both medical and surgical


  • Direct link with the Geriatrics Unit of La Santa Creu i Sant Pau Hospital and all its devices


  • Close relationship with the Sociosanitary Centers in our environment
  • Date of update 19/01/2023

Diseases and procedures

  • The doctors responsible for each patient give daily information to the patient and/or his family from 13 pm in the patient's room. In case of not being able to be physically present, the information will be provided by telephone. Weekends or holidays will only be reported in the event of relevant changes in the patient's condition or decisions to be made.

  • Date of update 19/01/2023


The Unit participates in an active and multidisciplinary way with research projects that have a beneficial impact on patient care. These projects are both autonomous and in collaboration with the Sant Pau Hospital or other Centres. Participating in several studies like

  • Drug code
  • Person Centered Prescription
  • Research in special groups of patients: elderly patients with multiple pathologies
  • Use of new technologies
  • Date of update 19/01/2023


The entire device has activity focused on the teaching of all the specialists involved in patient care. Training is given to:

  • Resident doctors in the specialties: Family and Community Medicine, Geriatrics and Internal Medicine
  • Medical students of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (3rd and 4th year)
  • Nursing and TCAI students from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Terrassa University School and Blanquerna University
  • Pharmacy students to 4th year students at the University of Barcelona
  • Social Work students to students of the University of Barcelona
  • Physiotherapy students from Blanquerna University
  • Date of update 19/01/2023