About the Observatory

The service provides comprehensive pulmonary assistance centered on the patient and coordinated with the corresponding basic primary care areas and the reference hospital.

  • Update date: 04/03/2021

Head of Service

  • Alejandra Marin Arguedas


    specialist doctor

In this section appear the professionals of the Integral Health Consortium who have authorized the display of their personal data.

  • Update date: 04/03/2021

Units and benefits

Assistance activities
  • Specialized external consultation. Hospitalization day hospital Primary school consultancy.
  • Assessment consultation for pneumological sequelae of COVID 19
  • Oxygen prescription and control in chronic home therapy.
  • Prescription and control of home nebulized therapy
  • Prescription and control of home CPAP treatments
  • Treatment with biologicals. Specific immunotherapy.
  • Support with high-flow oxygen therapy and non-invasive mechanical ventilation in hospitalization and in the emergency room.
Respiratory functional testing cabinet
  • Simple spirometry, flow/volume handles
  • Bronchodilator test
  • plethysmography
  • Study of lung volumes and resistances
  • Maximum respiratory pressures: inspiratory (PIM) and expiratory (PEM)
  • CO transfer test
  • Nonspecific bronchial hyperreactivity tests: methacholine test and mannitol test
  • Walking test in ambient air (AA), with liquid oxygen and with a portable concentrator
  • Sucrose test
  • Prick test with pneumoallergens
  • Sucrose test
  • Prick test with pneumoallergens
Sleep cabinet
  • Nocturnal pulse oximetry at home in ambient air (AA), with oxygen and with the CPAP mechanical device (Continuous
    positive airway pressure)
  • Respiratory polygraphs at home and in hospital
  • Qualification of automatic CPAP at home and in hospital
Specialized nursing
  • Education in inhalers
  • CPAP education and adaptation
  • Smoking cessation for hospitalized patients
  • Administration of specific immunotherapy for pneumoallergens
  • Administration and education of nebulized biological drugs and antibiotics
  • Update date: 04/03/2021

Diseases and procedures

  • Activities for patient participation

    • Talks on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in the context of the Aula Respira promoted by the Spanish Society of Pulmonary Surgery and Thoracic Surgery (SEPAR) (
    • Annual meeting with patients with sleep apnea
  • Update date: 04/03/2021


Participation in research projects with other health centers.

  • Update date: 04/03/2021


Training of family and community medicine residents in the area of ​​Pneumology.

Training and consulting sessions with our primary school area

Training sessions with the rest of the Specialties in our center, both in the management of the different pneumological pathologies and the new techniques incorporated

  • Update date: 04/03/2021